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Happy Book Week Everyone!

My blog for An Awfully Big Blog Adventure is all about some of my favourite reads over the past year. You can read it here: An Awfully Big Blog Adventure

I’d love to hear about your favourite reads, so leave me a message.

Thank you to 3rd Class at St. Helen’s Scool!

Big thank you to the 3rd class at St. Helen’s School in Portmarnock, Co Dublin, and their wonderful teacher, Mr. Feehan, for inviting me in to talk about The Long Weekend. It was lovely to meet you all!


Authors for The Philippines

The online auction to raise funds for the typhoon disaster in The Philippines is now open. There are lots of signed books, manuscript critiques, and tons of other goodies available. Follow the link to read more about it and see what’s available, and please spread the word. Many thanks.

Authors for The Philippines

My Muse – Muse Monday guest post

Do I have one?   Forked lightning tree IMG_0558

It turns out I do. It has appeared in many different shapes, sizes, varieties and numbers in most of my work.

I only realised that when I started writing my guest blog for Katherine Roberts’ blog, Riding the Unicorn.

Here’s a picture of one of its forms – the twisted tree. It’s a photograph I took for Hell Wood, my current WIP.

The book features many more.

But it’s not the trees that are nightmarish…

Riding the Unicorn

Something New…About Time!

My blog this month for An Awfully Big Blog Adventure is about the changing focus of teen/YA fiction in the US amongst publishers and literary agents.

Has that changing focus reached us in the UK?

An Awfully Big Blog Adventure

Hell Wood



Here’s a photo of the woods that inspired my current work in progress, Hell Wood. Spooky and dark, the woods are perfect! Can you guess what’s going to happen in the woods…? A bunch of kids, stuck in the middle of nowhere, in the summer holidays, bored…

More photos to follow, so watch this space!


Book Trailer for The Long Weekend

My Shiny New WordPress Website!

My shiny new WordPress website! Yay!

Fat/Thin in Teen/YA

Where is the dividing line between describing a character’s physical characteristics and stereotyping him or her? And should this be an issue for teen and young adult fiction.

Some children’s writers have commented that they don’t go into their characters’ physical descriptions to avoid saying fat, plump, skinny, thin etc, unless their book is addressing the issue of eating disorders. This is because apparently many more kids today suffer from eating disorders. That might well be true, I don’t know.


The definition of doubt, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction. It also defines my frame of mind at the moment, and the problem with that is that while a certain amount of it is very good when writing, too much of it is very, very bad. It’s inhibiting, and for a while it has been paralysing. It has affected my confidence in my ability to write, and my self-belief was shot. Words were written and then scrubbed. More words were written, and then rewritten to be scrubbed again and then not written at all. I got to the point where I seriously didn’t think I could write anymore.