World Book Week 2024

KIMBOLTON SCHOOL – what a beautiful school to finish World Book Week in! Two author talks to Year 8 and to Year 9 in amazing auditoriums, and a lunchtime workshop where creativity was unleashed and poured into writing stories. Big thank you to the English Department and the Librarians for their welcome and for looking after me throughout the day. And thanks to all the students for their insightful, and fun, questions in the Q & As! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day! 


Cumberland Community School was a great school to spend World Book Day in this year. The staff were warm and welcoming, and the students were both attentive and so creative! Stories were written and shared and read aloud – this is what World Book Day is about! The bonus is the dressing up in favourite characters, but the main focus of the school and the students was talking about books and sharing stories!

World Book Week 2024

Fulham Cross Academy – A great Year 7 talk followed by workshops with Year 7s and Year 8s – organised by their dynamic librarian Christos. Thank you for a wonderful day with such great students!


A wonderful day at Little Ilford School talking to two year groups – Year 9 and Year 10 – about the pleasure and the power of reading! Followed by a creative writing workshop on opening paragraphs for stories in different genres. Horror was popular! Lots of great ideas, creativity and writing from the students! Thank you to the school librarian for organising the events for the day, and the school staff for their warm welcome. 


A great afternoon working with some amazing young girls wrapping their pens around words and making the most wonderful, exciting stories! My first time at this fabulous space empowering girls and women. Thank you for the lovely welcome!

I love helping kids find their own unique voices in their story-telling – we even managed to make book covers for the stories in the creative writing session.


World Book Day 2023

This year not only was I invited to The Khalsa Academy in Wolverhampton to give talks and to run creative writing workshops, but I also had the great honour of opening their new school library! Everyone knows how passionate I am about libraries, so it was a wonderful moment for me to cut the ribbon and open the door to so many books and opportunities for the students! Free access to books – what could be better?!


That Asian Kid – Teen book for CILIP YLG SE

Absolutely delighted that CILIP Youth Libraries Group for the south east chose THAT ASIAN KID as their March title! Here’s what they said when they chose That Asian Kid – “It’s cleverly written, empathetic, and a well-observed novel, fantastic characters who interact beautifully with each other. Although there is plenty of humour, it’s very thought provoking and poignant. Jeevan, the main protagonist, had a genuine voice and was very easy to relate to.” 

The Letterbox Library loves The Long Weekend!

A lovely review from The Letterbox Library for The Long Weekend! If you’re looking for a book for a teen for Xmas then The Long Weekend is sure to hold them gripped right up to the last word! Just remind them to breathe when they finish the book! Grab a copy 


Here it is – an exciting new cover for the updated edition of The Long Weekend coming out this week! It’s a thriller, it’s scary, it’s perfect for Halloween! I hope you all love it! Cover credit goes to Emma Rogers for designing the brilliant cover for the book!


Writing dark stories for teens/YA Interview

Ever wondered why I write dark, edgy stories for teenagers and young adults? You can find out here. The amazing YA author Matt Killeen interviewed me for YA Thriller Con 2022.  You can watch it on YouTube –

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