TAK Cover thumbnail o.5mb Fifteen-year-old Jeevan witnesses his favourite teacher Mr Green and his all-time worst-ever teacher Mrs Greaves snogging and more in the woods, and films it on his phone. But should he share the footage on social media, which would get Mr Green into trouble, too?

As Mrs Greaves’ attitude to Jeevan becomes more and more unacceptable, the moral dilemma intensifies. Why does Mrs Greaves consistently give him really low marks in English and undermine him at every opportunity? Is it because of the colour of his skin?


 “The Girl in the Broken Mirror is both harrowing and touching. Jay is wonderfully drawn and engaging. The issues of abuse, culture-clash and the patriarchal sense of entitlement that plagues British Asian men of a certain persuasion, are handled with sensitivity and honesty. The book is refreshing and hard-hitting, which is much needed.” Bali Rai

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The Long Weekend

A dark and powerful contemporary thriller about two boys abducted by a remorseless killer.

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Stories from The Edge

An anthology of short stories for teens, young adults, and anyone who loves edgy fiction, with an Introduction by Joy Court, Chair of the CILIP Carnegie Book Award.

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Even Birds are Chained to the Sky and Other Tales

Read my story The Poet in this rich collection of short stories winners from across the world.

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